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Doctor - Faeces collection

The FECOTAINER® is simple to use (the sample is deposited directly into the collector by placing this under the toilet seat). It is hygienic and made from sufficiently strong and flexible material. Sealing the collector with the stopper and lid ensures that the sample can be transported in the stool collector to the desired destination free of any odour.

The FECOTAINER®, a Dutch invention, will be available on the European market from December 2011. If you would like to receive a few samples, please send an e-mail to sample@fecotainer.eu with your address and contact details so that we can send you samples of the FECOTAINER®.


The FECOTAINER® is a unique, patented stool collector that provides the most reliable results in stool testing. This stool collector offers patients a user-friendly solution to the problem of stool collection. The stool is deposited directly into the collector that has been placed under the toilet seat. 

After use, the stool collector can be easily sealed with the accompanying stopper and lid. The FECOTAINER® is hygienic, simple to use, flexible but strong, and odour free. The FECOTAINER® is an in-vitro medical diagnostic device (class I).

Stool Collection: The FECOTAINER® is the perfect solution

The stool collector is the perfect solution for stool collection. The FECOTAINER® is a very user-friendly solution, provides the most reliable results in stool testing and laboratory technicians run fewer health risks (infectious diseases can be transmitted by smeared faeces jars). The stool collector is made from recyclable plastic and the accompanying plastic delivery bag is made of biodegradable plastic. After delivery and testing of the sample at the laboratory, the stool collector can be thrown away like any other disposable.

The stool collector is collapsible and when expanded it is a mere 28mm high. The package thus fits through a letterbox. This makes the stool collector ideally suited to large-scale population studies into colorectal cancer. Its user-friendly and inviting features increase the degree of acceptation and the participation rate in research.

In addition to gastrointestinal specialists and general practitioners and paediatricians, this product can also be used by dieticians and commercial clinics that offer preventive medical examinations.


FECOTAINER - faeces collection