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Faeces cup

The FECOTAINER faeces collector is more reliable and patient friendly than a normal faeces cup.


faeces cup - FECOTAINER

The FECOTAINER® provides the most reliable results in laboratory stool tests (cannot be contaminated).

A normal faeces cup can be contaminated, because the small spoon can touch the toilet, or a plastic bag or newspaper (how do people collect it ?).

Sometimes also a little bit water or urine in the toilet is sampled in the faeces cup (results not reliable & higher costs (new investigation or patients do not know what colon problems they have).

If patients use the small faeces jars, and they hit with the small spoon the toilet the sample is not reliable. If the toilet is be used by other persons; it is possible that the small jar will be contaminated, so the results are not 100% reliable.

Taking a full sample is more reliable than only 10 grams of faeces. Stool collection with the Fecotainer is very user-friendly and hygienic.


Faeces cup

For the term faeces cup there are different synonyms, like stool cup, faeces container, feces cupstool collection cup, stool collection container, and a complete set is mostly called stool collection kit or stool specimen collection kit.