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Stool test

stool test is one where fecal matter is collected, for example with the FECOTAINER faecescollector, for analysis of the stool to diagnose the presence or absence of a medical condition.

The results from the stool samples provide guidance and information about possible infections (chronic) inflammatory bowel disease, the effect of intestinal function and possibly the presence of polyps in the colon (for stage of cancer). A stool test  is performed by specialized laboratories and the stools under the microscope were controlled at various microorganisms.

Fecal occult blood test

One of the most common stool tests, the Fecal occult blood test can be used to diagnose many conditions that cause in bleeding in the gastrointestinal system including colon cancer.

The FECOTAINER provides the most reliable results for stool tests and is more patient friendly then a traditional faeces cup.